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CNS High-Content analysis

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Data Management & Statistics

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Upload your own images

let us handle image analysis, statistics, and data reporting



Step 1

cns high-content analysis


Configure your study online or with one of our scientists to match your needs. Click on the button below to get started.

Step 2

cns high-content analysis

Live Cell

Conduct in-life studies in your own lab, with your preferred CRO, or we can do it for you.

Step 3

cns high-content analysis

Super Resolution

From superresolution microscopy to low-power survey imaging, our team has experience across a range of tissue types and imaging modalities.

Step 4

cns high-content analysis


Our patented observer-automation hybrid platform tackles any challenging object morphology tasks. Our custom data analytics have been designed specifically to address in vivo high-content analysis solutions.



cns high-content analysis

Confocal Microscopy

cns high-content analysis

In Vivo HCA

Superresolution microscopy opens the door to incredible CNS high-content analysis (HCA) capabilities. Enhanced pixel density is critical for accurate object recognition algorithms and superior laser scanning confocal microscopy. Combine with Afraxis’s patented observer-automation hybrid platform to produce striking accuracy and speed in complex morphology analyses. Click below to start designing your study or contact an Afraxis scientist for more info.


cns high-content analysis

Generate your own images

We accept all standard microscope file types. Analyze 2D, 3D, or 4D (timelapse). If you need assistance designing your acquisition parameters, contact one of our scientists.

cns high-content analysis
cns high-content analysis

We deliver you data + report

We provide a host of data analysis services and specialize in custom statistical applications.

cns high-content analysis

Upload through our web portal

Fast and convenient. Set up study accounts to bypass entering parameters or protocols for each new study.

cns high-content analysis

We analyze your images

Use pre-configured analysis programs or provide us your protocols to replicate.

Its not just for microscopy. Check out other applications.

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